Copper Spider (ilya) wrote,
Copper Spider

Final Plug

This is the last time I plug this before it goes up.

Shoreline Shorts
Opens Wednesday June 2nd @ 7:30, runs until Saturday June 5th.
Curtain @ 7:30 every night.
6 shows for $8 - What a bargain!
In the SCC "Lobby Theater" which is another way of saying "Theater Lobby" - it is a nice intimate space though. It's set up to do this kind of theater, unlike the EdCC cafeteria.

All six shows are good, though I have to admit I think my director's two scripts are the weakest of the bunch. There will be a short intermission after the third show ("Flour"). I'm in the second one ("Buyer Beware"), and the only other person any of you would know (Eddie Zanidache) is in the first ("Cajun Bud") and the fifth ("The Break-up").

Thank you in advance for your support of both myself and SCC drama.
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