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Kena's Wedding

Hoy... this has turned out to be a minor fiasco. You'd think that arranging a date would be easy for me - after all, I know all the women, right?

Well, it's been slightly more problematic than that. After quickly eliminating several people from the list, I called Gina, who said she'd be able to make it. We never actually talked, just played phone tag. So when I call her this morning, she tells me that she has to cancel on account of some issues that cropped up last night. Crap.

So now I have to find a date for this thing in the next... three hours (it was 1230 when we spoke). So I call syelie. No answer, so I left a message. Hmm. Well, may as well try blacquetears. She has to work. Muh oh.

I tell this story to Nanako and Rika (my exchange student and her friend), and they suggest, after having a good laugh at my expense, that I try Fubuki. For those of you that don't know, Fubuki is a Japanese woman I've known for several years. We've not really spoken in the last year or two, except occasionally when we run into each other. Her response is that she'll call me later if she can go, even though she sounds approximately as interested in the idea as she would be in say, a trip to the box factory.

By now it's 130, and I have no idea what I'm going to do, when Rika suggests that if Fubuki doesn't call, I could take Nanako. Nanako protests that she has nothing to wear (she brought three HUGE boxes of clothes with her from Japan, btw) so I try to figure out what she can wear, and by 200, we decide on something. But this is only if Fubuki can't make it, she is sure to remind me.

So. It's now 230, and I'm all dressed up, and I may or may not have a date for this wedding. Oh well, I'll know in the next hour...
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